Chiesa di San Pietro in Gessate

Piazza San Pietro In Gessate, 12 - 20160 Milano (MI)
Tel: 02 54107424
Fax: 02 54059007

Opening hours
- From Sep 15th to Jun 30th:
  Sat 08.30>12.00 16.30>20.00
  Sun and Hol 08.30>13.00 16.30>20.00
- From Jul 1st to Sep 14th set:
  Sat 08.30>12.00 17.00>20.00
  Sun and Hol 08.30>12.00 17.00>20.00
During the summer and the winter holiday please contact the church to check the opening hours.
Not accessible to the disabled

Situated at the bottom of a large tree-lined courtyard, the church of San Pietro in Gessate was erected between 1447 and 1475, near the ancient 13th century convent dedicated to the saints Peter and Paul. The design and construction are generally attributed to Guiniforte or Pierantonio Solari. In 1493 the church became an abbey. It was seriously damaged by bombing during World War II and still houses some precious documents about Lombardian painting from the end of the 15th century in the left hand chapels, among which Grifi Chapel stands out, it is frescoed with the stories of Saint Ambrose by the painters Buttinone and Zenale. The facade is the product of a restoration intervention dating back to 1912, the work of Brioschi, which conserved the original portal.

architect:  Pierantonio (1476-1493) or Guiniforte Solari (1429-81)
architect:  Diego Brioschi (not.1912)
art period:  Neomedioeval façade (baroque portal)

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