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By bike

Here are some itineraries by bike among farms, fields, rice paddies, springs, mills and waterways. A unique trip discovering nature and art.
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Walking on Water (km 14)
From Gaggiano to Badile. The route connects with "Connection Canals"
Download the file (.kmz - 14 kb)
Connection Canals (km 24)
From Milano San Cristoforo reach Gaggiano along Naviglio Grande; it connects with "Walking on Water" to return back in Milan.
Download the file (.kmz - 4 kb)
Milano Lambrate - Monluè (km 8)
Starts near Lambrate train station, in east Milan, and reaches Abbazia di Monluè.
Download the file (.kmz - 5 kb)
Milano Porta Romana - Chiaravalle (km 7)
From Milanese district of Porta Romana, by a plane route, reach Abbazia di Chiaravalle.
Download the file (.kmz - 5 kb)
Milano Tricolore - Monluè - Chiaravalle - Viboldone (km 21):
From Piazza Tricolore in Milan to the three abbeys Monluè, Chiaravalle and Viboldone.
Download the file (.kmz - 6 kb)
Calvenzano - Viboldone - Mirasole (km22)
Itinerary starts from Basilica di Santa Maria in Calvenzano and reaches Viboldone and Mirasole. Plane, suitable for families, even in winter.
A short part from km 12.0 to km 12.1 goes offroad .
Download the file (.kmz - 11 kb)
Monluè – Chiaravalle – Mirasole (km 13)
A plane track, suitable for families, even in winter, that meets three abbey's on his way.
Download the file (.kmz - 6 kb)
Darsena – Morimondo (km 27)
From Piazza XXIV Maggio in Milan, by the bicycle path on Naviglio Grande, continues south on Naviglio di Bereguardo and once reached Abbiategrasso goes to Abbazia di Morimondo.
Download the file (.kmz - 6 kb)

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